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M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E

Everyone's favourite Mouse!!!

Food safe PLA MICKEY themed cookie cutters made by Zaluski Designs.  Great for themed birthday parties, Disney lovers, Mickey Mouse lovers.
Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters

I decided finally to purchase my first small 3D printer this year. Probably one of the better decisions made for my small home cookie business. People are always wanting themed cookies for parties and this has to be the way to create them. Of course, my love of Disney and Mickey Mouse, these were the first items I had to learn to create. People were asking me, where did you get these? Asked if I could create a set for them so I have decided to add on to my small business with creating custom cutters for people who love to bake at home too.

Here's the custom cookies all decorated and ready to go.

Custom baked and hand piped Mickey Mouse cookies.  Created with newly 3D printed Mickey Mouse cookie cutters.
Mickey Mouse Sugar Cookies

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