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Custom Sugar Cookies

Custom Sugar Cookies are Vanilla. 

Additional flavours can be created at an additional cost.  

Edible Image Cookies and Simple Sugar Cookies start at $50.00 per dozen and come individually wrapped and heat sealed for freshness.


Minimum order is 1 dozen cookies. 

(This is the base price, for cookies with extreme details there is an additional cost)

*Additional flavours can include: Chocolate, Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, Coconut, Maple, Cinnamon, Snickerdoodle, Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Mocha

Diy Cookie Kits

Sugar Cookies are Vanilla. 

Each cookie kit comes with 6 cookies, 3 bags of royal icing and sprinkles


Larger kits are 12 cookies


Mini Cookie Packages

Mini Packages will consist of 4 mini cookies.  With a decorative border card attached for Thank You's, Birthday's, Cookie Samples.

$10.00 per package

Custom Orders require minimum of 5 packages.