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Bakery Cart

We have decided to branch out!!

We have built a portable bakery cart!!!  We will be having it out every couple weeks for grab and go pickups. 


It'll be stocked most days with:

*"misfit" sugar cookies

*brownies (ultimate, reece's peanut butter, snickers and M&M)

 *deep dish cookies

*pancake mixes


Other items from time to time will be:

*mini cakes


*whipped butters (cinnamon & maple)

Bakery Cart Items

These items will change weekly. 


We will be renting out the cart to for birthday parties, bachelorette parties and home parties.  It will come equipped with what you would like ordered for the cart.

(cupcakes, mini cakes, brownies, deep dish cookies, cakepops and sugar cookies.)  

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